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Make sure you claim high search engine rankings before your competitors do

There are many good reasons to consider a marketing approach that incorporates inbound marketing and inbound sales, not least because the inbound methodology neatly aligns your online presence with your buyer's journey to find a solution to meet their needs.

If aligning your organisation to the buyers' journey and driving more cost effective growth is not compelling enough, then you should also consider that if you are not "doing" inbound, it's almost certain your competitors will be, if they have not done so already. Here's why...

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How do you Gauge your B2B Buyer’s Interest level?

Today’s marketing buzzword: ‘Digital Body Language’
Definition: ‘Reading your prospect’s web-based behavioural signals.'

Digital Body Language can tell B2B salespeople and B2B marketers a lot about how interested your prospect is in your business and what you are offering them.

Let’s take a look at the 4 R’s you may wish to consider when quantifying your B2B buyer's interest level:

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Recognising When Your B2B Buyer becomes a Sales Lead

Lead nurturing is essentially about handing leads over to sales at the right point - when the prospect is ready to buy.

Running a marketing campaign and pushing anyone you hear breathing over to sales is fraught with problems.  A successful sales person knows they should focus on qualified opportunities, so anything that's not at the ready to buy stage will inevitably be dropped.  That's not to say they would never be ready to buy, just that they aren't at this point in time.  Nonetheless, the result is that they may well never buy from your company.

Topics: Lead Nurturing Demand Generation