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HubSpot Summer Updates 2017

Here is my roundup of HubSpot's 5 best summer updates from June and July. Discover more about video marketing with HubSpot, how to easily unbounce a contact, the capabilities of HubSpot Messages, LinkedIn sales navigator and some great news for HubSpot reporting.

1. HubSpot Messages

We all know it’s getting harder and harder for sales people to reach their leads, whether it’s by phone, email, instant messaging or video app.

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Sales Enablement in Action: DealTrack Sales Team Transformation Achieves 36% Growth Target

Enable was established in 2000 to build custom software to meet specific business needs that off-the-shelf software cannot address.  Their work with companies like Procter & Gamble, Mitsubishi Electric, DHL and the BBC has been varied and largely bespoke in nature.

A couple of years ago, their work with a buying group and a building materials supplier unveiled a gap in the enterprise software market for those companies where rebate claims make up a significant proportion of their revenue.

As a result, the DealTrack Rebate Management System was born.

DealTrack is aimed at companies that have annual rebate claims in excess of £12.5m.  By preventing these companies from missing claims, DealTrack has been proven to add six figure sums to their net profit.

Intellegentia has been heavily involved in both the sales and marketing of DealTrack for over a year.  Here’s what we've done to drive significant revenue for this new software package:

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Why you should be changing to inbound sales and marketing.

Is "Inbound Sales" just another alternative to Sandler, Holden, Miller-Heiman, SPIN, Value Selling, the Challenger Sale and other sales methodologies?  Or is it a new way of thinking?

Or both?

All the aforementioned sales methodologies teach us valuable lessons.  They teach how to seek out the "fox" (Holden), to "go for the no" (Sandler) and other techniques for qualifying out time wasters, getting control over the deal and progressing the sale faster than your competitors.  

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4 Things Every Inbound Marketer Should Do in 2017

If you find some great content, it's worth sharing! Having read Brian Halligans inspirational blog on things inbound marketers should be considering in 2017, I wanted to share it in its entirety, adding some of my own thoughts. 

I was particually struck by Brian's thoughts on supply and demand dynamics. Increased competition means that marketing needs to work harder to engage buyers as earlier as possible which means finding different and more engaging conversion assets ... we are firmly in the "youtube age" and sales leaders need to find ways to make their sales teams more effective to beat the competition, which in some sectors means switching to a inbound sales mindset.  If buyers want a self-service experience (self-service research and self-service sales) then as Brian concluded the buying process needs to be automated and for 2017 I predict a surge in companies looking at Sales Enablement as a way to improve sales efficiency.  

Enough of me, sit back and enjoy Brian's insight.   

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