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HubSpot’s New Digital Marketing Tools

Welcome to our latest round-up of HubSpot updates. When you're a busy marketer, it can be hard to keep up with the many great new digital marketing tools that HubSpot provides.

In this edition, we are focusing on:

  • The Google AMP Project
  • Google Analytics on your HubSpot Dashboard
  • Several changes that help with email deliverability
  • Two new integrations:
    • Facebook paid ads
    • Direct mail (yes you read it right - direct mail integration!)
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Why it's so important to get Marketing Automation workflows right

Have you considered how you’re going to nurture leads that are/will be coming through your inbound marketing efforts onto your website, or how to target accounts through Account Based Marketing that you want to engage over a period of time. How do you move contacts further down the sales funnel? How do you deal with hot leads that need to be acted on by sales immediately. The best way is by setting up workflows with a marketing automation platform.

According to Forrester, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads and according to Marketing2Lead, prospects nurtured in automated workflows have a 23% shorter sales cycle.

Workflows are such an important tool in the marketers toolbox, it's vital that you set them up correctly, and keep them updated ... so is the effort worth the return? You better believe it. Here are some reasons to get it right.

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Lead management: The key to improving the quality of your leads

Are you frustrated with the amount of time you’re spending on qualifying and weeding out your genuine buyers from the time-wasters?

Sifting through and identifying your genuine leads can be an incredibly arduous task that eats into expensive sales time which, in turn, ultimately detracts from revenue. It can also result in some genuine opportunities being lost.

Unfortunately, it’s a common mistake we’ve seen many businesses make over the years. But it’s a mistake that can easily be rectified if you have the standards and processes in place to enable you to properly nurture and manage your leads.

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Predictive Lead Scoring – Enhancing Data Driven Marketing

HubSpot announces a Predictive Lead Scoring extension to its Enterprise Platform.  

Most companies are sitting on top of a gold mine of data from their CRM and Marketing Automation systems, which they are failing to leverage in their lead generation and lead management processes.

The amount of data can be enormous, even in mid-market organisations. If you move into the Enterprise space (for example technology companies operating globally), then the volume of lead and campaign data is mind-boggling.

So to make use of the volume of lead data, organisations where there is good Sales and Marketing alignment have been using lead scoring for lead generation and lead management purposes.

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What Makes Lead Management Necessary and how to Manage it!

A report published by Software Advice looked at reasons why companies are looking to invest in Marketing Automation Software. It found that a large percentage of businesses in the study were being overwhelmed with managing clients, contacts, and leads (nice problem to have) and are primarily seeking software to improve lead management.

The study looked at small companies in the US with a turnover less than $50 million, a majority of which had small staff teams. So, at least from these findings, it is clear that there is a growing need for lead management at the SME level. If the same research was carried out in the UK, I suspect the results wouldn't be too dissimilar.

But what about organisations that have a 'more defined business development/lead follow up' process? This is particularly true for companies in the technology sector, whose sales cycles tend to be lengthy and complex in nature. Are they any different to small companies with a high volume of leads and customers to process? In our experience, the answer is - NO!

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