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Why You Should Consider Outsourcing to a Digital Marketing Agency

Is it the sales, engineering, purchasing, production or services department that is the engine that drives a company’s growth?


Marketing is the beginning of the process that is going to help drive your business growth. It is a continuous multi-channel process not a single event that requires constant adjustments and refinements, and today a majority of the effort is going to be online. 

It therefore stands to reason that a solid marketing strategy, processes, execution and measurement should be the most important aspect of any business. Your company’s image, reputation, sales goals, growth plans, and customer service requirements are all driven by marketing. So, why do companies pay such little attention to this essential function?

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Sales Pipeline Growth Case Study - Enable


Enable specialises in building custom software that meets businesses’ specific requirements. Its bespoke solutions are designed to deliver in areas where enterprise systems and off the shelf software simply can’t deliver.

One of the software solutions developed by Enable is a niche rebate management software platform, DealTrack. Created in collaboration with DCS Group, the UK’s largest distributor of health, beauty and household brands, the platform is aimed at helping organisations manage complex trading agreements involving retrospective payments.

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Why You Should Consider the 'Refocused' Lead Generation Companies

When thinking about todays modern buyer, consider this for one moment…how do you buy?

Are you stumped to find the information you need to make a considered decision, be that in your personal or professional life? Of course not, you consult and research that 'big library in the clouds'.

Are you dithering and need to phone a friend (or worst still a salesman), of course not, you get onto your social network and ask your peers and colleagues for recommendations.

So buyers have fundamentally changed, they are digitally driven, they have rapid access to information from multiple devices, they start their search on the web, the buyer has changed more in the past 10 years than in the past hundred.

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Time to Evaluate your Inbound Marketing Agency?

The relationship with your Inbound Marketing Agency is a very personal one. You’re putting your trust in them with strategic elements of your business and that’s not something that should be taken lightly.

First things first. Any Inbound Marketing Agency should know that in the today's world it’s all about generating leads for sales, and the agency should have the sales enablement experience and background to align the marketing effort with sales to increase the sales pipeline. 

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Getting to Gold as a HubSpot Integrated Marketing Agency

It’s been another busy week here at Intellegentia, but this Friday we’re celebrating more than usual.

As a top UK HubSpot marketing agency we're excited to announce that Intellegentia have now exceeded the level of Silver Partner (which we achieved last week – told you we’ve been busy!) and is now named a Gold Tier Level Partner with HubSpot!

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