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HubSpot Summer Updates 2017

Here is my roundup of HubSpot's 5 best summer updates from June and July. Discover more about video marketing with HubSpot, how to easily unbounce a contact, the capabilities of HubSpot Messages, LinkedIn sales navigator and some great news for HubSpot reporting.

1. HubSpot Messages

We all know it’s getting harder and harder for sales people to reach their leads, whether it’s by phone, email, instant messaging or video app.

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B2B Lead Generation Using Video

B2B lead generation has got harder over the years with buyers keen to do their own market research before they engage with any vendors. So getting your story out there and accessible is key. Websites, emails, brochures, webinars are all standards in the mix but what about video?

Well, let's look at the evidence...

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