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HubSpot Reporting Module – One Version of the Truth

HubSpot's reporting add-on provides a unified view of pipeline metrics aligning Sales and Marketing within one single reporting solution.

Just consider for a moment the amount of effort your organisation is putting into reporting on business metrics. Every business function has different needs in terms of reporting, and individuals within these business functions need to look at metrics in their own way to work efficiently. The result is a plethora of different reports across your organisation.

Getting to the data often results in spreadsheet hell. It's a common symptom that organisations, departments and individuals suffer from - no control, duplicated effort, different versions of the truth, inefficiencies in terms of report generation and data analysis.

With the age of big data upon us, marketing and sales are particularly challenged with the exponential growth of lead and prospect data - much of it now available in real time. Sales and Marketing professionals and management therefore have a need to:

  • Access consolidated lead and deal data from various sources from one centralised repository

  • Customise their reports to meet their own needs

  • Provide transparency so that executives and management have confidence on what is being presented

  • Have the flexibility to easily create reports without IT support

To meet sales, marketing and executive requirements, Hubspot’s reporting add-on delivers reporting agility and a unified view of lead source information, points of conversion, deal tracking, pipeline velocity, sales effectiveness and much more.

HubSpot reporting dashbaord

To meet individual needs, reporting can be customised and viewed with within the dashboard. To see how this could give your business the information it needs to increase sales, book a customised demo of HubSpot analytics and CRM.

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