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Why You Should Consider Outsourcing to a Digital Marketing Agency

Is it the sales, engineering, purchasing, production or services department that is the engine that drives a company’s growth?


Marketing is the beginning of the process that is going to help drive your business growth. It is a continuous multi-channel process not a single event that requires constant adjustments and refinements, and today a majority of the effort is going to be online. 

It therefore stands to reason that a solid marketing strategy, processes, execution and measurement should be the most important aspect of any business. Your company’s image, reputation, sales goals, growth plans, and customer service requirements are all driven by marketing. So, why do companies pay such little attention to this essential function?

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How improving the relationship between sales and marketing can help close more sales

Times have changed. Today’s buyers are more empowered.  Sales no longer controls the flow of information in the buying process - the buyer does. If buyers have a question about a product or service, they can just search online and receive information instantly, privately, and from a variety of sources. 

This move from a sales cycle to a buying cycle changes the goals posts for both Sales and Marketing teams. It means that Marketing now have much more influence before Sales are engaged, and therefore seamless alignment between marketing and sales processes, no matter what size of organisation is absolutely vital. 

According to the Aberdeen Group companies with good Sales & Marketing alignment experience a 32 % annual revenue growth compared to those that don't. And 38% of CMOs say that aligning and integrating Sales and Marketing is a top priority for 2015 (CMO Council).

Sales and marketing alignment helps Sales and Marketing work together to improve the all the processes for customer acquisition (lead generation, lead nurturing, lead qualification and sales closing).

So what are some of the key ingredients to breaking down the barriers between Sales and Marketing so that they are better aligned and can work together to close more leads?

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Make sure you claim high search engine rankings before your competitors do

There are many good reasons to consider a marketing approach that incorporates inbound marketing and inbound sales, not least because the inbound methodology neatly aligns your online presence with your buyer's journey to find a solution to meet their needs.

If aligning your organisation to the buyers' journey and driving more cost effective growth is not compelling enough, then you should also consider that if you are not "doing" inbound, it's almost certain your competitors will be, if they have not done so already. Here's why...

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Inbound Marketing Tools: 6 HubSpot Updates Feb 2017

We have compiled a list of the best product updates of 2017 so far! From free access to a HUGE database of free images to improving the productivity of your sales team with modifications to the CRM system, we’ve got the important stuff covered.

Learn about 60,000 free images for HubSpot users, an update in list segmentation to automate future events, parent-child relationships in HubSpot CRM, Facebook Ads integration and four brand new social reports for your marketing dashboard.

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3 Inbound Marketing Top Tips for B2B Technology Firms

How do you generate quality leads?

If your first answer is email blasts to purchased lists, cold calling, trade shows, seminars, outsourced telemarketing, or advertising then you are officially an outbound marketer.

Outbound marketing is getting harder.  At best response rates are falling, but in many cases calls and emails are simply getting blocked.  Today's savvy buyers know that they can access the information that they need via the internet, so the key to an efficient, cost effective marketing strategy is to incorporate inbound marketing into your operation.

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