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Sales Enablement Tools

What is sales enablement?  What sales enablement tools are out there?   What are the sales enablement best practices? 

Sales Enablement is a hot topic and to help sales leaders cut through the noise, we have compiled a list of key points to help you understand if sales enablement is applicable to your business and some pointers as to how to implement it, what tools are out there, and where to start.

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What is Sales Enablement (and how does it help onboard new sales reps)

What do all growing companies have in common? They all need to add new members to their sales teams in order to achieve their revenue goals and objectives. Onboarding new sales staff, is usually time-consuming, expensive, and not especially easy, and it could take a while before they are achieving quota. Once proficient your experienced sales team know your corporate culture, brand identity, and product lines inside and out, and are capable of using tools like CRM to their full potential.

Onboarding, however usually means an experienced sales person or sales management has to sacrifice time and productivity to help bring the new hire up to speed. But with robust sales enablement program in place, you can reduce time and productivity losses, getting the new personnel up to speed faster and more effectively. 

So what is Sales Enablement? 

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4 Things Every Inbound Marketer Should Do in 2017

If you find some great content, it's worth sharing! Having read Brian Halligans inspirational blog on things inbound marketers should be considering in 2017, I wanted to share it in its entirety, adding some of my own thoughts. 

I was particually struck by Brian's thoughts on supply and demand dynamics. Increased competition means that marketing needs to work harder to engage buyers as earlier as possible which means finding different and more engaging conversion assets ... we are firmly in the "youtube age" and sales leaders need to find ways to make their sales teams more effective to beat the competition, which in some sectors means switching to a inbound sales mindset.  If buyers want a self-service experience (self-service research and self-service sales) then as Brian concluded the buying process needs to be automated and for 2017 I predict a surge in companies looking at Sales Enablement as a way to improve sales efficiency.  

Enough of me, sit back and enjoy Brian's insight.   

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