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Why You Should Consider the 'Refocused' Lead Generation Companies

Man in suit refocusing his lead generation by pressing a web iconWhen thinking about todays modern buyer, consider this for one moment…how do you buy?

Are you stumped to find the information you need to make a considered decision, be that in your personal or professional life? Of course not, you consult and research that 'big library in the clouds'.

Are you dithering and need to phone a friend (or worst still a salesman), of course not, you get onto your social network and ask your peers and colleagues for recommendations.

So buyers have fundamentally changed, they are digitally driven, they have rapid access to information from multiple devices, they start their search on the web, the buyer has changed more in the past 10 years than in the past hundred.

Sadly, sales haven’t been able to adapt as quickly. And Lead Generation companies that continue to adopt and offer traditional tactics such as telemarketing and email blasts, no longer have the capability to offer sustainable and credible lead generation solutions to organisations wanting to sell to todays connected and empowered buyer.

57% of the buying decision will be completed before they are willing to talk to a sales rep.

77% of B2B buyers said they did not talk with a salesperson until after they has performed independent research

Source CEB

Most of organisations still believe in silo’s where marketing generates leads for sales and sales then qualifies and closes the leads. That is not how it works in the modern world, sales and marketing need to be integrated.

This is a major shift, and for marketing the task is creating more relevant content, that is engaging and aligned to the buyer’s journey distributed across multiple channels. For sales the challenge is to align themselves with marketing and ensure they help shape the buyers journey and utilise the wealth of lead information gathered by marketing software solutions such as Hubspot.

So organisations seeking a partner to help increase their pipeline, improve sales conversions and achieve high revenue growth, should not look at those traditional lead generation companies but consider a sales savvy sales and marketing agency that have re-focused, and as minimum can: -  

  • Create content that is aligned with the buyers needs and pain points
  • Deliver lead management data that brings clarity to what buyers are doing and looking for
  • Provide real time metrics on a prospect behavior as they interact with your website and content
  • Develop nurturing strategies to guide buyers throughout their journey and progress them through the pipeline
  • Provide a truly personalised experience for buyers
  • Use predictive lead scoring to ensure aligned sales teams are effective and efficient during the sales process

An Inbound Marketing strategy not only delivers leads at 40 % lower cost when compared to traditional outbound techniques (source hubspot), it delivers a buyer centric process to generating leads at the top of the funnel, nurturing workflows to guide buyers through to the point of sales engagement and data driven insight from start to finish.  

Intellegentia is an Inbound agency, that has re-focused from traditional email and telemarketing methods to delivering inbound lead generation strategies for technology and professional services companies who want to build a sustainable sales and marketing machine.  

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