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Sales Pipeline Growth Case Study - Enable


Enable specialises in building custom software that meets businesses’ specific requirements. Its bespoke solutions are designed to deliver in areas where enterprise systems and off the shelf software simply can’t deliver.DealTrack logo

One of the software solutions developed by Enable is a niche rebate management software platform, DealTrack. Created in collaboration with DCS Group, the UK’s largest distributor of health, beauty and household brands, the platform is aimed at helping organisations manage complex trading agreements involving retrospective payments.

The requirement

We were approached by Enable to generate widespread demand for DealTrack. At the time, as they were a small business, they had one internal salesperson, no marketing resource and no demand strategy. 


Following a few initial wins primarily in the building supplies market, Enable wanted to invest in a demand generation programme that would take DealTrack to market, particularly in the US where there were significant opportunities.

However, with no ‘go to market’ strategy, capability to create demand for DealTrack other than sending sporadic eShots, sales process or defined sales objectives, and limited collateral and online presence, there was very little, if anything, to work with.

The solution

We had to start from ground zero and this is how we did it: 

We developed a demand generation strategy that initially focused on building up basic assets to engage contacts through marketing. HubSpot was selected as the marketing automation platform that would support the strategy. We also recognised there was an opportunity to penetrate a small number of global strategic accounts, so incorporated account-based marketing to engage these accounts.

Based on the lead time for organic inbound leads, we used webinars to create momentum for DealTrack. We also revamped the existing website content and created for the top of the funnel an ebook asset to help generate engagement.

We recognised that DealTrack needed to rank highly within search engine results and developed a
keyword strategy to achieve this, in addition to reviewing and refining the site’s overall SEO.

Once those fundamental steps had been taken, we then started the process of aligning the marketing activity with sales and implementing the HubSpot CRM. We also carried out a sales and marketing workshop to ensure Enable’s salesperson was engaged with the process, satisfied with the criteria for marketing qualified leads and committed to the data management process we’d developed.

Added value

Our experience of creating a robust demand generation strategy has enabled DealTrack to generate
significant momentum within the marketplace. Furthermore, our extensive experience of selling
enterprise software solutions, has played a key role in shaping the overall sales process.

Thanks to our insight, DealTrack has successfully broken into the US market, a challenge that can be
particularly difficult to overcome. We’ve also leveraged our knowledge and experience to create
compelling conversion content, as well as provide on-going sales and marketing leadership.


Within 9 months, we reported great results for Enable, including:

  • 9,000 website visits (year to date)
  • 3% conversion rate visit to lead, which is at the top end of the industry average
  • Seven figure sales pipeline
  • Customer wins within five months
  • Major opportunities engaged within the US market

What’s more, Enable’s HubSpot platform is now fully operational and provides the execution and
analytics backbone required for DealTrack’s marketing and sales.

“Intellegentia have guided us through the process of creating and running a demand generation strategy, focusing on content-driven inbound marketing but also covering a multitude of other topics in both the sales and marketing functions. We wouldn’t have got off the starting blocks without them and they have proved to be a valuable partner.

If you are considering how to move from the small business ‘referral’ mentality to casting the net much wider and investing in serious growth, I would have no hesitation in recommending Intellegentia and their services.”

Andrew Butt, Co-founder and Managing Director, Enable. |

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