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The Intellegentia experience (according to HubSpot)

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As a Certified HubSpot Partner, we’re incredibly passionate about HubSpot. We’re also incredibly passionate about ensuring our clients get the best possible results from using HubSpot.

Certified to deliver inbound, we understand what it takes to successfully attract visitors, convert leads and close customers in the world of HubSpot.

As well as being based on the number of clients we have in our portfolio, our gold status is also based on customer satisfaction, which is testimony to just how many HubSpot success stories we’ve been a part of over the years. 

But rather than hear it from us, why not hear it from HubSpot themselves? Here’s what their Principal Channel Account Manager, Sharen Murnaghan, has to say about our knowledge of HubSpot, as well as the service we provide:

“I’ve been working with Intellegentia for more than two years on their sales coaching and strategy in relation to delivering their services to good fit companies with a HubSpot licence.

They’re a very clued up agency to work with because they understand HubSpot from a strategic perspective. They’re not just in it to simply achieve a quick win or sale for themselves or their clients. They’re very customer-centric and approach everything very strategically in order to get the best results for their clients and prospects.

Their deep learning makes it a pleasure to work with them - as much as they’re learning from me, I’m learning from them. They’re undoubtedly building a business that’s a house of stone and not a house of cards because they have such good, solid foundations in place.

Intellegentia are highly strategic, highly productive and highly engaged and I always look forward to all of the calls I have with them.”

So, you’ve heard from us (and from HubSpot) about what it’s like to embark on your HubSpot journey with Intellegentia. You might also find this case study interesting too, it details how we implemented a demand generation programme for one of our clients, Enable, that delivered widespread results, including 9,000 website visits and a seven figure sales pipeline.

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If you have already implemented HubSpot, and want to take advantage of Intellegentia's expertise, we run a number of courses across the UK on subjects such as Content Marketing Planning, Lead nurturing using workflow, Sales enablement and more. To see what we offer, see our training page:


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