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Tips to Optimise your Twitter Profile for Social Media Lead Generation

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Give your lead generation efforts even more potency by creating a positive brand image on Twitter as part of your B2B social media marketing!

Every good B2B marketing strategy, especially when it comes to your social media strategy has style. And it’s important that your business style is unique and visible across all your B2B marketing. 

Start taking advantage of the business benefits of Twitter – to do so, you first must focus on your appearance! 


Twitter brand pages enable businesses to add a customer header under their profile bio. This header is the perfect opportunity to show some more personality to your B2B social media --and include a call-to-action (CTA), a link that directs visitors to a desired action you want them to take.

Gauge what is important  to your specific Twitter audience and create a custom CTA. If your company is running a new social media marketing campaign, you can use this header to teach users more about it.

In our case, we could direct users to our ebook on Lead Generation because that is something our Twitter followers would benefit from. 


The new brand pages will let you feature a tweet at the top of your Twitter feed. This is a great way to highlight particular campaigns, promotions, or offers which you’d like to get more visibility over a longer period of time. The shelf-life of a regular tweet is short, but you can extend it with the use of these featured tweets.

You can support these tweets with engaging images and videos to better illustrate your offer and give your lead generation efforts even more potency.


Creating a custom background is one improvement you can make right away. Users who stumble across your profile will expect to see basic branding, such as company name, logo, and URLs.

Twitter isn’t solely home to the basic PR-focused route of creating an appealing brand image.

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