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Top Tips for Creating Better Buyer Personas

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The buyer has a lot more control in the modern sales process than ever before, undertaking a lot of their own research on the internet and through other means before contacting your company.

In fact 60% of buying process is done before the buyer even makes contact with your company.  

So it’s more critical than ever to thoroughly understand your target customers as your inbound marketing strategy needs to be developed with your target audience in mind.  Marketing is responsible for guiding the customers through the buying journey.  

Envisioning the type of person you are targeting and gaining a deeper level of insight into their goals, pains and motivations will help you develop a highly targeted and cohesive marketing strategy. Each persona will act differently and need different things at each stage of the buying process.

Figure out what your buyer needs help with, what challenges and problems are they looking to overcome and what sort of information and what content will be best suited for these Buyer Personas.

But understanding your buyer’s pains, needs and wants can be challenging.  Here are some top tips to help you:

  • Join LinkedIn groups that members of your target audience belong to and follow their discussions.
  • Connect with members of your target audience on Twitter and pay attention to their tweets and what is trending within their industry.
  • What kind of search terms are people using? Review your website analytics to see which keywords people are using to find your website.
  • Ensure your content contains words that your target buyers would use and specifically search for when looking for information to research the solution to a problem they face.
  • Check your website analytics to learn which pages are getting the most views, as this will give you an idea of the content that your target audience finds the most interesting and relevant.
  • Monitor your social media presence to learn what your target audience is saying about you and which content they are sharing the most.
  • Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and how they are interacting with your target audience!

Using these tips will help you get to know your audience better, so you can create appropriate and relevant content that will meet their needs, and help you gain more leads and increase your conversion rates.

Want to find out more about using Buyer Personas to ensure you are have a cohesive strategy in place?  Download our ‘Understanding How Buyer Personas Fuel Lead Generation’ infographic here.

How Understanding Your Buyer Personas Fuel Lead Generation Infographic

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