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B2B Technology Companies: Is your sales pipeline flabby or fit?

A tangle of pipes - does this mirror your sales pipeline?

I am not going to take the credit for coming up with the title of this blog. Bob Apollo , who I have great respect for, used this term in a really great piece of content about Proactive Pipeline Management. The points raised by Bob regarding the state of sales pipelines which I would like to expand upon I believe will resonate with Sales and Marketing leaders within technology companies.

It's an uncomfortable fact that sometimes when you take off the rose tinted glasses, you discover your pipeline may not look that great.

In this blog we look at what we mean by "flabby" and what can be done about it.

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3 Inbound Marketing Top Tips for B2B Technology Firms

How do you generate quality leads?

If your first answer is email blasts to purchased lists, cold calling, trade shows, seminars, outsourced telemarketing, or advertising then you are officially an outbound marketer.

Outbound marketing is getting harder.  At best response rates are falling, but in many cases calls and emails are simply getting blocked.

Today's savvy buyers know that they can access the information that they need via the internet, so the key to an efficient, cost effective marketing strategy is to incorporate inbound marketing into your operation.

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5 Ways Inbound Marketing Boosts Lead Quality for Technology Companies

'Lead' banner

For technology companies in particular, attracting high quality leads is a top priority. Surprisingly then, 61% of B2B marketers still send all the leads they receive directly to sales, while only 27% of those leads will actually be qualified for a sales call. This is exactly why Inbound Marketing is a growing solution for businesses – a methodology that naturally attracts the right prospects to your brand.

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Increasing Your Software Sales Pipeline Using Inbound Marketing

If your company is involved with B2B software or technology sales, then you are by now fully aware that the industry is constantly changing and evolving. For this reason it is important that you have a robust inbound marketing strategy in place with which you can boost your business’s visibility and spread the word about your latest software developments and services in the competitive marketplace without being left behind.

Despite the tumultuous times, there are some inbound best practices that are universal and constant which allow you to increase your business’s visibility and ensure that you are attracting potential customers and achieving sales. Stick to the following inbound marketing tips and you will see success in increasing your software sales pipeline.

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B2B Technology Marketing needs Content Engineers

'Content' written on whiteboardA new breed of marketer is emerging as top B2B Technology Marketing roles are becoming more aligned to those of Chief Marketing Engineer (CME). 

Historically, when developing a campaign, marketers started with the creative side of things.  Now the focus is on data first.  Reading signals from data and analytics, targeting and segmentation of the data based on the specific needs of your buyer persona to lead nurturing and moving your prospects through the decision cycle.  Gone are the traditional advertising, event management and outbound methods of yesteryear. 

But wait… what happened to marketing creativity?

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