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Why focusing on visitor engagement matters

Sales funnelWhat does the phrase ‘visitor engagement’ mean to you? In the world of inbound marketing, it’s a highly effective tactic that can generate valuable leads for your business.

We all know that the main objective of inbound and using tools like HubSpot is to drive visitors to your website and convert them into loyal customers and brand advocates.

However, what many businesses don’t realise is that visitor engagement is fundamental to converting their website traffic into leads.

Without visitor engagement, website visitors are nothing more than ‘vanity numbers’ and any time, resource or money spent by businesses is simply wasted.

These days, most buyers will do their homework on you and check you out online. They may even be educated by your online content and have reached the point where they’re seriously considering your products or services.

But here’s the thing, they’re extremely unlikely to convert, if you’re not able to engage them to sell to them. It’s like running a business with no telephones for prospects to contact you on or, even worse, having a bad experience if they do.

Get it right, and visitor engagement can help you generate a visitor-to-lead conversion ratio of at least 1 to 3% (we typically achieve the higher end of this scale for clients).

Here are three steps you can take that’ll immediately set you on the right path to enhancing your visitor engagement and boosting your sales pipeline:

STEP 1: Put yourself in your buyers’ shoes

How can you effectively engage your buyers if you can’t relate to them and don’t understand the buyer journey? Mapping your customer journey from start to finish will enable you to identify the areas where they’re most likely to engage with your brand and content.

STEP 2: Review your current activity

It’s all very well having a website that delivers the best possible user experience, incorporates the latest design techniques and is regularly updated, but how well is it actually performing? Make sure you get into the habit of regularly reviewing your messaging, content and conversion points to see which elements are delivering results and which areas could do with refining.

STEP 3: Change things around

Now that you’ve identified which aspects of your activity are delivering results and which aspects are in need of some further refinement, you can then go ahead and make the necessary changes. Don’t forget to tweak your call to actions and landing page content (two areas that can be easily overlooked) and make use of analytics tools, such as HubSpot, to ensure your changes are based on informed insight. And when you do make any revisions, make sure you take a systematic approach to implementing them, don’t just change everything at once. You may even want to just focus on one area at a time.The Ultimate Lead Generation eBook
While some businesses may perceive visitor engagement as being yet just another buzz word, it’s actually an incredibly important (and highly effective) tactic that can prevent businesses from seeing their leads slip through their hands and converting more of their leads into valuable customers.

To learn how not to let those leads slip through your fingers, download our Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation.

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