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10 Tips for Lead Generation on Twitter

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Lead Generation is a key priority for B2B businesses.  Twitter is a great source of leads and can easily be leveraged by B2B marketers for a steady soruce of leads. 

Tweeting allows for quick and efficient content consumption by a high volume of users. It’s an excellent platform for lead generation, as other users have access to your archives and followers and can quickly favorite or retweet the information relevant to them. Highlight blog posts, landing pages, events, and webinars quickly and easily. 

Here are 10 tips to get you started with Twitter Lead Generation:

1. Get Involved Get best thing about Twitter is that you can see what everyone else is saying. Find conversations relevant to your business by searching for keywords, and then engage with people who might benefit from your product or service. Provide them with content, direct them to your site or other industry-relevant sites or just have a conversation with them. Your aim is to build and develop close relationships, expanding awareness of your brand and maintaining the interest of your current followers.

2. Content Strategy  Create a wide range of unique, relevant content for your followers. Blog regularly and have a variety of downloadable content like presentations, whitepapers and eBooks to hand. Create interesting tweets to promote this content so that their curiosity is aroused and they want to click on the link. Give them just enough information so that they know what the content is about but also want to read it and learn more. You want your content to be talked about and shared so make sure it is consistently outstanding – it needs to be educational, entertaining and inspiring.

3. Promoted tweets  Promoted Tweets are just like regular tweets but with the added bonus of reaching both current and potential followers in your target audience, thus extending your reach. Twitter allows you to target Promoted Tweets according to keywords in users’ tweets, their interests, gender, location, type of device and similarity to existing followers.

4. Efficient customer service  Allowing your customers to follow you and make contact with your business via social provides you with a great platform for quick and efficient customer service. This means you can provide your loyal customer base with the real-time up-to-the-minute service they need, fielding complaints, answering queries and letting them know about any upcoming events or industry news.

5. Provide value for your followers – Give those members of your target audience that don’t follow you a reason to do so, and give your current followers a reason to keep following you. As well as giving them content that makes their life easier and provides them with valuable information, take the time to answer their questions and help them with any relevant issues they might have.

6. Humanise your tweets – you want to build one-to-one personal relationships with potential leads, and this is hard to do if your Twitter presence comes across as boring and corporate. Show a human side by being friendly, informal and interesting. Twitter allows for a less formal tone than other sites like LinkedIn so try using some humour or posting some interesting links to engage your target audience.

7. Personalise – With over 600 million users, the chances are that the same social media lead generation strategy is not going to work for everyone. People are different, and you need to refine your strategy accordingly. Using information such as occupation or location, you can filter your target audience into different groups or lists and employ a different approach for each. Also, Twitter now enables you to increase the relevance of your ads by tailoring them according to factors such as users’ prior online activity. This ensures your ads are seen by the right people.

8. Use Hashtags  If used correctly, hashtags can be a very useful feature. They make it easier for users to find relevant tweets and help you reach a wider audience as a result. Don’t use too many brand-specific hashtags, instead focusing on hashtags that people actually follow – ones with high usage as well as high relevance to your business. Studies show that tweets with hashtags drive 21% more engagement and clicks than tweets without.

9. Turn your followers into brand advocates – Your Twitter followers can be one of your most valuable marketing tools. Twitter is a public forum so sharing your content and praising your business gives you valuable exposure and can result in a lot of traffic towards your site. Encourage your followers to do so by following your customers and leads and messaging or retweeting them if they mention your business positively. This creates an affiliation between customer and brand and will incentivise others to do the same. Of course your content and your services must also be strong enough to give your followers a good reason to advocate your brand.

10. ROI  Only by analysing your Twitter marketing data, can you be sure you’re spending your time wisely and your efforts are not in vain.   You can measure how many people are coming to your website via Twitter from marketing automation tools such as HubSpot

HubSpot allows you to view metrics such as website traffic, user behaviour and lead conversions. It enables you to evaluate the impact of tweets and you can use this information to refine and improve your inbound marketing strategy. To sum up, Twitter allows you to easily locate and participate in relevant discussions, spark interest and maintain engagement in your brand, and promote content to your followers. 

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