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HubSpot Inbound 2017 Product Announcements

There's a lot of excitement in Boston as some big new product announcements were made yesterday. The HubSpot footprint gets wider and deeper with more automation, new products and lots of integrations....

Here's a quick run-down:

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What is ALT-Text and how do I use it?

Is alt-text a legal requirement?

YES! Alt-tags are part of the accessible design laws in the UK and US so you should use them on all images. However, if you have images that form no real purpose (spacers etc) then the alt-tag can be null.   <img src="image.png" alt="">   This ensures that screen readers used by visually impaired skip over the image.

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FAQ – Subdomains vs subfolders for SEO (HubSpot blogs & landing pages)

I have been told that having a blog or landing page on a subdomain e.g. will destroy my site SEO – is that true?

There is a lot of talk one way and the other, but here's what Google says about it.

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Legal Services Marketing – Best Practice Inbound Marketing

Since the Legal Services Act, October 2011 the UK legal services market has undergone substantial changes.  The aim of the Act was to simplify the process of purchasing legal services (hence the act being referred to as “the Tesco law”) and in doing so, the Act broke down many barriers.

Today we see law firms offering other services as diverse as Schillings branching out into cyber-security and Wiggin (known for media work) branched out and purchased an on-demand television service.  There are new entrants to the market from overseas and a raft of mergers and acquisitions have taken place in recent years.

Legal Services Marketing – CMA Demands More Transparency

I was interested to hear the outcome of the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) recent year-long study into the legal services sector which revealed, among other things, that today’s legal services consumers need better information about the different options that are available to them.