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5 Key Benefits of B2B Lead Nurturing

Whiteboard exercise segmenting contacts for lead nurturing
Lead nurturing is a critical aspect of any B2B marketer’s job – it is essential for building relationships with your prospects and moving them along the sales funnel.

Also known as marketing automation, it is the process that allows you to send a series of automated emails with relevant content to an early-stage lead in order to pre-qualify them before handing them to sales.

By keeping your leads engaged with your brand and showing them through valued content that you understand their specific needs, you build their trust in you and move them further down the buying cycle.

Lead nurturing is universally accepted as being an essential weapon in the B2B marketing armoury, but why then are so many companies still sending out mass emails to their leads with no automation or segmentation? If you are not making full use of lead nurturing in your marketing strategy, here are 5 reasons why it should be valued as an essential aspect of your marketing:

  • It is timely
  • It is automated
  • It provides more precise targeting
  • It generates a higher email click-through rate
  • It saves time and resources

Successfully nurturing leads is not easy. One of the biggest challenges is visualising the big picture in amongst all the detail, which is where Intellegentia have perfected workflow development using graphical tools. These really help our clients to easily see each stage of the nurturing process, trigger points and outcomes.

Generic lead nurturing workflow

Nurturing your prospects and sales leads using multiple channels, building your demand generation model can yield fantastic results and generate valuable and highly-qualified sales-ready leads. Click below to find out more about generating leads in our Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation.

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