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A fresh approach to B2B Content Marketing that generates leads online

Content marketing Wordle Now I’m not usually one for b2b marketing clichés but there is some truth in the fact that “Content is King” when it comes to the success of a B2B Marketing strategy.

B2B Content marketing is certainly no spring chicken. Like other new age digital marketing and social media techniques that are bursting onto the B2B marketing scene - content generation has been in the B2B marketer’s kitbag for years and years!

However the rise of social media becoming a vital part of your marketing strategy and the ability to connect with peers and freely influence each other, coupled with the pervasive use of the internet to research buying options means that businesses need to create engaging, informative content more frequently.

But churning out more ‘stuff’ isn’t the answer. Content is as impactful as you make it – think of it as a tool that will transport prospects through the stages the buying process from initial awareness to an eventual conversion.

So let’s take a look at some of the types of content marketing that generate leads and help customers at different junctures in the purchase path:

1. Building Trust – Use how-tos, reviews, and articles to showcase your knowledge and expertise in order to bridge the gap from general awareness to brand resonation and perception of a reliable, helpful resource.

2. Educate Them – Are your prospects hungry for more? Feed them with further, in-depth materials such as eBooks, whitepapers, newsletters and webinars.

3. Get them involved – Why not recruit your customers for testimonials, guest blog posts and reviews as this will nurture loyalty and develop a sense of community around your business.

4. Aggregated content – Share thought provoking articles across your social media networks that have been produced by others. This provides a ‘quick fix’ for instant content generation but also reflects your active interest in topical debates related to your field.

5. Conversion – Give prospects the final piece to the puzzle they need to make a purchase enquiry. In-person events, case studies and ROI calculators are good examples.

I think the biggest challenge is actually ensuring you have a content strategy- not just content! Using the above examples, you will see that some time is needed to create a well thought out approach. Then the power of your content marketing will begin to take shape.

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