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Data Protection B2B opt-in consent announcement 10 Jan 2017

Some great news from the European Commission.

A while ago we talked about the proposal to require prior opt-in consent for B2B marketing.  This has been under discussion for some time now, but at last we have a decision that this is NOT going to be enforced.

According to the DMA in their article dated 10th Jan 2017:

"The text of the final version of the Commission’s proposal has moved away from this draconian position and does not require opt-in consent for B2B email marketing to corporate subscribers, although as a general rule consent will be required for sending electronic marketing to consumers....."

Click to read the DMA article on their website.

That doesn't stop us all from carefully ensuring that we are emailing the right people, but all us B2B marketers can breathe a small sigh of relief.

(Of course, using Inbound Marketing ensures potential buyers interact with your brand on their terms anyway.)


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