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Do you have a Lean, Mean B2B Marketing Team?

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Building a lean mean marketing team is a challenge - particularly as the list of essential marketing skills continues to expand.  What skills do you have, what could you employ and where would it be more cost effective to outsource? That's the question.

First, take a look at your B2B marketing strategy, and drill down through to the tactics to derive a list of skills with their respective demands in terms of time.  Your skill list might look something like this:

Now map your current skills set against the requirements to identify any clear gaps. Look at those gaps - is there enough volume of work to justify an extra team member? 

Next, go back and look at the anticipated volume of work for those tasks where you do have skills in house. If each employee has approximately 200-220 days per year, do you have enough resource or too little or even too much? How could people be redeployed / trained to fill some of the gaps?

Are there some tasks where, even though you have adequately skilled resources in house, it makes better sense to package them up and outsource them rather than stretch people too thinly? For example could your in house website resource keep the current site up to date whilst you outsource a fresh design to another company? Or how about outsourcing a particular project or event?

And what about your wish list?  That list of things that you know would be really great to do, are within your capability and would be a big benefit to your business.....if only you could focus on them?  What if you outsourced them?  Or, would it be more attractive to outsource other more mundane things in order to give you the time that you need?

On the other hand, where you don't have skill gaps, do you just need some input from outside, a fresh pair of eyes, an individual project that could zap the focus on the normal activities of the department?

As well as making your in house team more productive, what other benefits could you derive from outsourcing?


Having people with broad skills in house gives flexibility, but can mean that you lack some deep technical skills on occasion.  Using outsourced help to fill these gaps can be extremely cost effective as well as shortening the time to deliver positive outcomes for the business.  Need to improve website hits or email deliverability? Get an expert! The sooner you sort the problem, the more revenue generating tasks you can get on with.


Outsourced resources can be turned on and off as you need them giving you the ability flex your team as and when the need arises.


Recruiting and keeping employees is expensive.  And that is so true for marketing people who are always looking for new ways to be creative - if their current employment doesn't offer that, then often they will look elsewhere. Not only could you save costs by outsourcing, you’re saving the headache of succession planning & recruitment in the future.

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