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How do you Gauge your B2B Buyer’s Interest level?

Scale representing interest level of B2B buyers

Today’s marketing buzzword: ‘Digital Body Language’
Definition: ‘Reading your prospect’s web-based behavioural signals.'

Digital Body Language can tell B2B salespeople and B2B marketers a lot about how interested your prospect is in your business and what you are offering them.

Let’s take a look at the 4 R’s you may wish to consider when quantifying your B2B buyer's interest level:


Timing is everything when it comes to lead conversion therefore it is important to be aware of how recently the prospect engaged with your website. And, it’s about the attention to detail too. A page view may be interpreted in many different ways depending on the point in the sales cycle. For instance, you may have several months of interest built with a company and then you notice they’ve just downloaded a top of funnel data download… this could mean a new buyer has joined the evaluation team? This could mean a potential new contact…

It is fundamental that you have the ability to respond to prospects in real-time. What good is it if a prospect downloads a whitepaper and you give them a ring 4 months later? Check there are robust processes in place to respond to prospects.


Another important factor to consider is how often they are engaging with your B2B marketing message. Do they download and view your content on a regular basis? If so, how regularly? Have they repeatedly visited the same landing page or download? Try monitoring patterns of engagement over time. A sudden spike of activity in comparison to a slow, steady and low level of interest is evidently two very different circumstances.


Do you observe how deeply your prospects are interacting with your assets and resources? Naturally, depth will vary greatly from the ‘tyre kicker’ to the fully committed buyer. Obviously, a visitor to your website who just skims over a page is nowhere near as deeply engaged compared with someone who stays there for 15 minutes, watches the video, signs up to the mailings, and leaves a comment.

The more content they consume from your website and the deeper they engage with it, the more open they are to being engaged by your sales team. You can also determine what it is they are looking for and are potentially interested in by examining the areas they download the most content from - which makes a great sales call conversation opener!


Bear in mind that you can’t force prospects to buy when it’s just not the right time. The tyre kickers of today could be the committed buyers of tomorrow! It is essential that you maintain a way of keeping in touch with them so that you will hopefully be at the forefront of their mind when the timing IS right. There are all sorts of ways you can do this without being too pushy and salesy. Why not seek to engage with them via blogging and social media in order to keep them updated, entertained, and try to educate them further with your thoughts on matters that are of personal interest to them?

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