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The Latest LinkedIn Update will affect your B2B Social Media Marketing

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LinkedIn constantly evaluates how features are used by businesses for their social media marketing and they recently announced the latest change that will affect your LinkedIn Company Page.

On April 14th, LinkedIn removed the Products and Services tab from all Company Pages across the social network.

So how will this affect your social media strategy when this comes into play?

The Products and Services tab may be disappearing on your LinkedIn Company Page but there are other ways you can still use the channel to promote your products and services as part of your b2b social media marketing.

Company updates
should already form a major part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. However, with the latest changes from LinkedIn, these will become even more important to effectively engage with your target audience.

Your company updates appear on your Company Page as well as your followers’ feeds on any device – great exposure for your business!

PLUS if you are getting the content right, more followers will actively engage and interact with your updates meaning your social media updates will be pushed further and faster out into the social media ether.

Company updates also let you share video and other visual content which often makes for more compelling viewing.

The other option is to use Showcase Pages. These are designed to showcase individual products or services, therefore followers of Showcase Pages know to expect news about those products and will look forward to your updates.

Here at Intellegentia, we help many of our social media marketing clients create compelling content and effectively manage their company presence across various social media channels. We have sophisticated measurement processes in place to track your success and return from your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

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