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Predictive Lead Scoring – Enhancing Data Driven Marketing

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HubSpot announces a Predictive Lead Scoring extension to its Enterprise Platform.  

Most companies are sitting on top of a gold mine of data from their CRM and Marketing Automation systems, which they are failing to leverage in their lead generation and lead management processes.

The amount of data can be enormous, even in mid-market organisations. If you move into the Enterprise space (for example technology companies operating globally), then the volume of lead and campaign data is mind-boggling.

So to make use of the volume of lead data, organisations where there is good Sales and Marketing alignment have been using lead scoring for lead generation and lead management purposes.

Lead scoring allows a business to customise a prospect's experience based on his or her buying stage and interest level and greatly improves the quality and "readiness" of leads that are delivered to sales organisations for follow-up.

Lead scoring however is not without its challenges. The issue facing many organisations who want to accurately score leads is that they have “weighted” scores subjectively, intuitively, or based on methods that once worked in the past. This “human error” results over-scored and under-qualified leads being passed to sales.  

So to remove this variability, Predictive Lead Scoring takes all of the inputs from multiple sources, and then predicts the characteristics of a lead that are most likely to become a customer, taking lead and prospect qualification to the next level.

For data-driven marketers, Predictive Lead Scoring enables:

  • Leads and prospects to be qualified using more objective data
  • Leads and prospects to be qualified more accurately
  • Both marketers and salespeople to focus on the leads and prospects with the greatest potential to buy
  • A more reliable and consistent way to qualify leads.
  • A better relationship between Sales and Marketing.

Predictive Lead Scoring is available on HubSpot's Enterprise Platform.

The extension builds on Hubspots existing lead scoring functionality to provide a solution to marketers that eases the burden of manually identifying what characteristics and traits contribute to high customer conversion.

Hubspot Predictive Lead Scoring is aimed at organisations who want to realise the benefits of a data driven approach to finding the most and least qualified leads. To take a look at this functionality, request a demo of Hubspot with one of our experts.

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