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Web Searches - How to Use SEO to Stand Out From the Crowd

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As a B2B Marketer I am sure you are fully aware why online search is so important for B2B Marketing. But how can you set yourself apart? Let’s start with the assumption that you’re already on the first or second page. (If not you might need more technical help with SEO so take a look at how we can help here) and get noticed in search results.

Here are our top three tips for grabbing your buyer’s attention:


Now here’s a bit of psychology for you! Even if your buyer doesn’t type certain keywords into their search engine, they are still sitting there somewhere in the back of their minds. Whether that’s the name of a brand they trust, the features they desire, the varied value offerings they seek, or even the price – those keywords are buried somewhere and you can re-ignite their hidden needs by being savvy with your messaging and copy.

Words like “reliable”, “bespoke”, or “customisable”, all tap into our subconscious psyche as a buyer when seeking solutions. Incorporating these buzzwords into your meta data can reduce friction and build trust as they speak directly to the different intents and requirements different buying personas will have. Therefore, making sure you profile your buyer personas accurately and in detail will really help you understand their selection criteria and goals.


I’m sure you will agree that whatever we are searching for, we never read every single listing – we skim it! So why are your buyers any different? Users view search engine results pages for approximately 3 seconds so you really are seen in the blink of an eye.

Here’s another bit of savvy psychological analysis for you which you can DEFINITELY use to your advantage…

There’s a secret code that almost everyone uses when it comes to interacting with search results as most of us will do the following things:

  • The upper-left corner is our starting point

  • Scan the first couple of words of the titles of the top 3 or 4 listings

  • Scan in the shape of an F (first down and then to the right)

  • ‘Pogo stick’ from one of the first 3-4 listings to the other and compare then back to search results

  • Chunk results into sets of 3-4 listings for comparison and consideration until BINGO we’ve got what we want

  • We are drawn to patterns – why not use symbols and numbers to break up text? Phone numbers and pricing work well.


The words you choose are so important – you have one shot to get it right and for buyers to say Yes that’s what I’m looking for, Yes that’ll solve my problem, Yes I want to get in touch, so you need to make sure that your copy sings to every intention of searching.

There are 3 different types of search a buyer will do that need to be understood in order for you to convey the right message:

  • Educating themselves – If the buyer is looking to find out more prior to a purchasing decision then choose a title that showcases your ability to answer all their problems. I know you’re probably thinking that’s easier said than done but, at this stage in the buying process, introduce them to your expertise and insight through blogging. They will remember you later on when they realise you can solve their problem.
  • Comparing solutions – They could be at the stage of evaluating the different ways they can solve their already established problem therefore pricing may be a key consideration for these buyers. Ensure your landing page gives them all the information they need to pick you!
  • To purchase – So now your buyers are ready to buy from someone. Make it easy for them to buy from YOU. Contact details are the bare minimum.

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