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Increase your SEO by using Google+ in your B2B Social Media Strategy

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Since its inception, nearly 50% of companies rate Google+ as important to their business.

With more than 90 million users and a growing influence on search, Google+ has definitely emerged as a key player in the online marketing ecosystem and should not be excluded from your b2b social media marketing.Google+ allows businesses to create pages and develop relationships with prospects and customers on multiple levels therefore this will enhance your lead generation through tailored and very targeted communications.

As a Marketing Manager, you may have multiple brands, products and services that appeal to different audiences therefore you can add a brand, product or service to a specific Google+ Circle, share a Google+ page with that network, and interact with the audience within that content structure.

As an individual (so potentially your target audience), the platform allows you to endorse the updates your company publishes, leave comments, upload photos, and tag the brand in them.

An interesting aspect of this platform is that its Hangouts feature enables companies to engage with fans, prospects, and customers through video conference calls as part of their social media strategy.

So it's no wonder why just last year, 15% of marketers acquired a customer from this social media channel.

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