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Researching and Developing Buying Personas

You would have thought that companies would have had buying personas nailed by now…sadly in our experience that is not always the case. 

After all, many organisations have been steeped in sales methodologies where org charts, decision makers and motivations are all mapped out over the period of the sales cycle to close the sale. So why are buying personas not being used effectively?

The trouble is that the world has changed from sales cycles to buying cycles and as a result marketing needs to communicate with buyers much earlier and for longer.

Whether your company gets a chance to engage and close business is dependent on:

  • The buyer being aware of your company and product, and realising the value you could provide.
  • The education that the buyer has received through their external research, and their belief that you have the potential to solve their problems.
  • Sufficient information and solid proof that your products and services will deliver on your promise.
  • Whether they have been contacted at the right time in the buying process to proceed to closure o the sale.

We have seen .... 

Buyer Persona practice

With over 50 years’ experience in many different industries - much of that in the complex world of solution selling - we've helped lots of businesses with these challenges, take a look at industries we have worked in, and some of the customers we have helped.

We would like to help you to identify your buyer personas, write content to suit, and execute winning campaigns.

Would you like to find out more about buying personas? Download our Researching and Developing Buying Personas Mindmap below!

Researching and Developing Buying Personas Mind Map
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