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HubSpot Inbound 2017 Product Announcements

Breaking News Concept in Flat Design with Long Shadows on Blue Background..jpegThere's a lot of excitement in Boston as some big new product announcements were made yesterday. The HubSpot footprint gets wider and deeper with more automation, new products and lots of integrations....

Here's a quick run-down:

Campaign Reporting

First of all I have to say that I LOVE the Reporting Add-on. It is so easy to use and really gives a focus to everything that happens in sales and marketing.

What's been missing is good attribution reporting - to prove the impact of marketing campaigns on sales.

(drum roll...)

Campaign reporting has been announced and is available now from your Reporting Menu. Campaign reporting enables you to tie campaigns to traffic, leads and revenue.

Be aware, however, that this only works for campaigns started after 1st September, so to take advantage of this you might want to set up new campaigns.

More Integrations

Lots more integrations - in fact there are over 100 now. Announcements at Inbound included:

  • Native Shopify Integration - ecommerce transactions are added to timelines, and can be used for retargeting and other email campaigns
  • Terminus ABM software - for account based marketing
  • Facebook Ads - create Facebook Ads without ever leaving HubSpot *
  • Instagram integration coming soon from your social publishing menu
  • Video Integrations - a whole slew of video integrations for hosting and using video in social and other marketing assets
  • and more....

* You'll be able to turn smart lists into Facebook audiences for ad campaigns! Facebook will target people similar to those in your list.

NEW! Customer Hub

We've got Sales and Marketing - now HubSpot gives us Customer Service!

  • a whole new module to convert conversations into cases
  • the ability to route and track cases to the point of resolution
  • a knowledge centre for self-service support
  • reporting and feedback

This great new module will be available in 2018 and

COS Rebranded to Professional CMS

With a slew of improvements to COS, it is now a CMS that is at least 2 x faster, and has more functionality than many competitors. Custom modules will be easier to create.

I know this is a little, tiny function...but hooray for the ability to capture images and paste them straight into the CMS ready for editing. No more saving to File Manager first!

Artificial Intelligence - grow your own bot

With the acquisition of Motion AI, HubSpot plans to introduce the ability to create your own bot with NO technical assistance. Examples of use include adding chat bots to live chat - the ability to ask intelligent questions to route online chats to the right person.


Conversations from every message thread (live chat, social etc) will be pulled into one place to enable greater collaboration. Coming soon - free with CRM.

CRM Updates

These include:

  • the ability to define products / standard services that you can easily add to deals
  • functionality to manage a channel pipeline
  • smart sending times for individual emails based on learned behaviour about that person

HubSpot Sales Professional

Available now, we have a whole new set of updates and functionality to improve sales efficiency AND sales management. Some examples include:

  • the workflow functionality from Marketing will be added into Sales Professional
  • more advanced reporting
  • improved user permissions

Take a look at for more information on all of the above, or contact us if you need help to work out how to take advantage of the new functionality to improve your processes. 


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