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Getting to Gold as a HubSpot Integrated Marketing Agency

UK HubSpot Marketing Agency Gold Badge

It’s been another busy week here at Intellegentia, but this Friday we’re celebrating more than usual.

As a top UK HubSpot marketing agency we're excited to announce that Intellegentia have now exceeded the level of Silver Partner (which we achieved last week – told you we’ve been busy!) and is now named a Gold Tier Level Partner with HubSpot!

It’s been an all-round team effort and we’ve smashed a range of goals to reach this accolade, including more qualifications from partner examinations (we’ve moved up from HubSpot gurus to ninjas), delivering more value to clients and most importantly delighting our existing clients for extended periods of time. HubSpot call this the CHI factor - it’s the customer happiness index.  

Being a Gold HubSpot inbound marketing agency, means that Intellegentia have demonstrated they can implement Hubspot and deliver consistent performance for customers. Its all about that CHI factor, which is an important consideration for companies wishing to implement inbound marketing.

We’re also looking forward to being able to contribute to the widely read HubSpot Inbound Insider marketing blog, using our team's industry knowledge and the experience we continue to gain from the customers behind it.

Intellegentia is very excited and we’re already on our way to the next milestone - HubSpot Platinum Partners.

If you’re interested in HubSpot and considering how we can collaborate with you to grow your business, please feel free to get in touch or request an inbound marketing consultation.
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