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4 Ways to Use HubSpot Automation for Lead Allocation by Sales Territory

HubSpot Automation is a major element in customising HubSpot to suit your business.  The workflow tool is flexible and easy to use, yet many people find themselves in a bit of a pickle; what started out as a great idea can turn into a complex solution that's difficult to support and update.  One such example is sales territory assignment, so I thought I'd set out a few options, and highlight the pros and cons of each.

Every company I've worked with has a slightly different way of defining sales territories . When considering the best way for your business we recommend that you start off by thinking about the following 4 points:

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3 key challenges to implementing CRM: defining sales processes

Implementing a CRM for the first time or changing from a legacy CRM to a new solution provider throws up significant challenges.  Defining your "to be" Sales Process is one of these which will require time and effort before you come close to configuring software. 

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HubSpot CRM for Accountants

It has been our great pleasure to implement HubSpot for UK accountancy firms and see the huge difference this software can make to a business.

During 2020 and 2021, many firms were forced to review how they do business.  Processes that enable staff to work from home were at the forefront of many minds, and, being cloud-based, HubSpot absolutely meets that need.

But HubSpot enables firms to go beyond just being able to do the same work in remote locations.

HubSpot enables accountancy firms to automate processes with the aim of doing more work with the same team, whilst simultaneously improving both employee and customer satisfaction.

And, in an industry that relies very heavily on reputation and word of mouth for sales and recruitment, employee and customer satisfaction should be the focal point of any accountancy firm business strategy.

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4 Ways To Implement Sales Enablement In Your Business

When leads are scarce, sales teams want to boost business development activity in a way that doesn't detract from overall marketing and selling.

When marketing works their creative magic and provides abundant leads to the sales department, the sales team needs to work smarter not harder.

Sales enablement is a prime focus of many businesses and there are several techniques and tools that help your sales team act efficiently on leads and close more deals. 

Financial services marketing - does inbound marketing work?

For the Financial Services sector, the inbound methodology provides a really interesting way of thinking about marketing. It’s about educating and informing. It’s about retention. It is not about overt selling. All of which fits entirely with the ethics, rules and regulations governing the financial services industry.

How does Inbound Marketing help financial services marketing ?

The industry is made up of quite different organisations – accountants, auditors, membership-based networks, client facing advisers, brokers, intermediaries and more. Each have their own marketing needs and ways of going to market.

Whether you are a client-facing financial adviser marketing yourself in a defined geography, targeting particular types of consumer or business, or a network looking to recruit and retain members across the country, your marketing needs can be similar:

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