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Sales Enablement Tools

What is sales enablement?  What sales enablement tools are out there?  What are the sales enablement best practices? 
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Sales Enablement is a hot topic and to help sales leaders cut through the noise, we have compiled a list of key points to help you understand if sales enablement is applicable to your business and some pointers as to how to implement it, what tools are out there, and where to start.

What is Sales Enablement?

Generally speaking it's a collection of content, tools and processes that help sales people sell more effectively.

You might get a slightly more biased definition if you hit a software vendors site, but for us its about establishing a well-structured and effective system, that maximises the efficiency of sales processes. Sales Enablement drives consistency across your whole sales team, so that you don't rely solely on the top sales performers to bring in the numbers.  

We have gone into more depth in our blog - 'What is Sales Enablement (and how does it help onboard new sales reps)'

What Sales Enablement Tools are out there?

With Sales Enablement being a hot topic, software vendors have been quick to jump on the bandwagon and re-purpose their solution to suit, Capterra is generally a reasonable source. HubSpot have stared to break into the Sales Enablement space particually with regard to sales effeciency, functionality is a little basic, but document tracking is a nice feature. A word of caution, it's not just about the technology! Processes and content play a more significant part in creating an effective sales enablement solution than the underlying technology. If you implement software without fully understanding 'current' and 'to be' sales processes it will lead to wasted effort and poor adoption, no one wants that.

What are the sales enablement best practices? 

Coming up with the theory is all well and good, but as a starting point you need to look no further than your top performing sales rep's to really understand how a well-structured and effective system works. These rock stars have nailed it and they understand how to run an efficient sales process.

Of course that's not the complete answer and we have looked at 3 other ways to kick start sales enablement in your business - read our blog '4 Ways To Implement Sales Enablement In Your Business'. 

Want to know more about our approach to implementing sales enablement? Review our sales enablement webpage or contact us directly by clicking on below. 


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