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Why Inbound Marketing and ABM Need Sales & Marketing Alignment

The term Inbound Marketing was invented by HubSpot, and is now part of the marketing landscape. In a nutshell its about attracting potential customers to you, as opposed to outbound interruptive marketing techniques. 

Once engaged, through educational and thought leadership content, a key part of the inbound methodology is to provide further relevant information to potential customers to help them progress through to a closed deal.   

This part of the methodology is not ground breaking! In the past, sales have always nurtured prospects with information and content at various stages of the sales cycle until they are closed as customers, so what has changed?  

Well the buyers still need information at all stages of their journey before making a decision, but it is the buyer’s ability to access as much information as they like through the internet which is the major shift from the past. Buyers now have the upper hand they are no longer reliant on sales to provide information and can determine when they want to engage with sales

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Researching and Developing Buying Personas

You would have thought that companies would have had buying personas nailed by now…sadly in our experience that is not always the case. 

After all, many organisations have been steeped in sales methodologies where org charts, decision makers and motivations are all mapped out over the period of the sales cycle to close the sale. So why are buying personas not being used effectively?

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Top Tips for Creating Better Buyer Personas

The buyer has a lot more control in the modern sales process than ever before, undertaking a lot of their own research on the internet and through other means before contacting your company.

In fact 60% of buying process is done before the buyer even makes contact with your company.  

So it’s more critical than ever to thoroughly understand your target customers as your inbound marketing strategy needs to be developed with your target audience in mind.  Marketing is responsible for guiding the customers through the buying journey.  

Envisioning the type of person you are targeting and gaining a deeper level of insight into their goals, pains and motivations will help you develop a highly targeted and cohesive marketing strategy. Each persona will act differently and need different things at each stage of the buying process.

Figure out what your buyer needs help with, what challenges and problems are they looking to overcome and what sort of information and what content will be best suited for these Buyer Personas.

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5 Ways Buyer Personas Can Boost your B2B Inbound Marketing Strategy

How well do you know your customers? What are their greatest business challenges? What drives them? What challenges do they face on a daily basis?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, it is time you did some research.

The buyer personas you use as the foundation of your marketing efforts – i.e. the fictionalised representations of your ideal customers – should answer all of these questions, and you should know your customer inside out before they have even initiated contact with you.

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Why Buyer Personas are Critical to Your B2B Marketing Strategy

You might have a watertight inbound marketing strategy, with a consistent output of engaging content, regular social posts and a widespread social media presence, but if you are not using solid, clearly defined buyer personas as the foundation for all of this work then you will struggle to move forward with your marketing strategy.

It is absolutely crucial that your inbound marketing strategy is developed with a target audience in mind – clearly identifying and defining your target buyers is the first step to a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Topics: Inbound Marketing Buying Personas