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What is ALT-Text and how do I use it?

Is alt-text a legal requirement?

YES! Alt-tags are part of the accessible design laws in the UK and US so you should use them on all images. However, if you have images that form no real purpose (spacers etc) then the alt-tag can be null.   <img src="image.png" alt="">   This ensures that screen readers used by visually impaired skip over the image.

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HubSpot vs WordPress – The Best Blogging Platforms

If you’re using HubSpot as an all-in-one marketing automation system, but your blog is hosted on WordPress (or another similar platform), then I’d like to talk you through why HubSpot is the best blogging platform for you.

WordPress is a great platform for hosting personal and professional blogs, and probably considered the best blogging platform by many because it came into this world as a blogging platform, and since flourished into globally-loved content management system (CMS). However, if you are using HubSpot as your digital marketing companion, the benefits of using WordPress to host and manage your professional blog is completely overlooked. Here are 17 reasons you should be moving your blog to HubSpot:

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Why Inbound Marketing and ABM Need Sales & Marketing Alignment

The term Inbound Marketing was invented by HubSpot, and is now part of the marketing landscape. In a nutshell its about attracting potential customers to you, as opposed to outbound interruptive marketing techniques. 

Once engaged, through educational and thought leadership content, a key part of the inbound methodology is to provide further relevant information to potential customers to help them progress through to a closed deal.   

This part of the methodology is not ground breaking! In the past, sales have always nurtured prospects with information and content at various stages of the sales cycle until they are closed as customers, so what has changed?  

Well the buyers still need information at all stages of their journey before making a decision, but it is the buyer’s ability to access as much information as they like through the internet which is the major shift from the past. Buyers now have the upper hand they are no longer reliant on sales to provide information and can determine when they want to engage with sales

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4 Reasons Inbound Marketing is Key to Attracting Buyers

Inbound marketing delivers results that other marketing tactics just can't match.  There is great value in creating quality content that aligns with potential buyers’ interests, and then distributing that content through various online channels, such as blogs and social media, to attract potential consumers to your company.

Here are 4 key reasons why Inbound is crucial for a more successful business:

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Is your Content Marketing hitting the mark?

Small organisational chart representing buyer persona identification

In today’s buyers’ market it is crucial to have an understanding of the processes the buyer goes through when making a decision. The buyers’ journey takes them through a number of stages and you need to ensure you are there to educate and provide the relevant resources and content your buyer needs as they move through the process.

Is your content marketing up to scratch? Many businesses are struggling with their content as it is almost entirely focused on the final purchase stage of the customer lifecycle. They focus on company information and product information and wrongly assuming that everyone is ready to make a purchase right there and then.  Whereas in fact statistics show that only about 4% of visitors to your website are actually ready to buy. 

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