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Why Social Media Marketing is vital in your B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B sales requires you to build relationships with prospects and what better way to do so than through the most relationship driven marketing platform: Social Media.

The possibilities this channel provides are endless – as long as you have a strictly managed social media strategy and your very own segmented social ecosystem in place. Social Media plays a vital role in your B2B Marketing strategy if, like most things, you know what you’re doing!

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FAQ – Subdomains vs subfolders for SEO (HubSpot blogs & landing pages)

I have been told that having a blog or landing page on a subdomain e.g. will destroy my site SEO – is that true?

There is a lot of talk one way and the other, but here's what Google says about it.

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HubSpot’s New Digital Marketing Tools

Welcome to our latest round-up of HubSpot updates. When you're a busy marketer, it can be hard to keep up with the many great new digital marketing tools that HubSpot provides.

In this edition, we are focusing on:

  • The Google AMP Project
  • Google Analytics on your HubSpot Dashboard
  • Several changes that help with email deliverability
  • Two new integrations:
    • Facebook paid ads
    • Direct mail (yes you read it right - direct mail integration!)
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How to Master the HubSpot Social Media 'Inbox'

B2B marketers know that social media, specifically Twitter, is a crucial inbound marketing tool. Social Media can help your company emerge as an industry thought leader, whilst driving a wealth of leads to your website. Time is the only enemy when it comes to engaging, monitoring, and publishing on Twitter. Enter the HubSpot Social Media tool, which offers its users a unique opportunity to interact, monitor, publish, and review analytics all in one spot.

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Email Marketing: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Email inbox and cursorEmail marketing is a crucial part of your inbound marketing strategy. 

Email is a valuable tool for reaching your target audience no matter what point in the buying process they are at – from awareness through to lead nurturing and conversion.

Emails can be used to promote your brand, open doors, build on relationships and generate leads.  In a long B2B sales cycle, email marketing provides a great way of nurturing prospects until they are ready to buy.

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